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A Day in the Life of an Armory Concierge

Posted by JamesD | 26 October 2012

Hi! I’m James Dixon, one of the many Armory concierges here at PCS. Have you ever wondered what the heck an Armory concierge is or what it’s like to be a concierge? Join me as I take you along for a day in the life of an Armory concierge!
The historic Gerding Theater at the Armory is a community space welcoming a multitude of daily visitors who simply want to have a look inside. Visitors are often looking for information about the history of the building, our sustainability features and our productions here at the Armory.
In addition to answering questions for visitors and directing the flow of people in and out of the theater, we are responsible for the security of the building and our patrons. We direct calls, deliver packages and serve as gatekeepers for PCS. Need information? We have the answers! Our job is, in essence, to know a little about a lot. 
At PCS we have dedicated concierge staff to give you a friendly, attentive greeting when you arrive for a production. 
We also coordinate with our hardworking volunteers and keep them happy and motivated. There is huge operation that happens “backstage” at PCS and our staff gets greeted with a smile at the start of their day. 
Care to grab a radio and take a little stroll through a typical Thursday with me?
10 a.m.             
The lighting levels are set, the front doors are unlocked, the elevators are unlocked for the appropriate floors, and the concierge of the day gets to play DJ for the building. Tours of the Main Stage theater are given to newcomers throughout the day. This is the perfect opportunity to share the history of the Armory and its sustainability features.
11 a.m.             
Deliver packages, direct calls and read through a couple of scripts from the current season. It’s honestly the best way to stay informed until each production opens. The Pandora station gets updated to something more appropriate for the production.
11:15 a.m.             
Volunteer usher check-in for Thursday matinees. We have some hardworking volunteers who love to help out at PCS, and it is always a pleasure to catch up with them before their shifts.
11:30 a.m.             
Play the Main Stage and Ellyn Bye Studio announcements through the lobby speakers, plus a bit of patron air traffic control. It helps to greet everyone as they enter to get them seated as efficiently as possible.
12 p.m.             
Curtain call. House doors have closed so latecomers must be re-ticketed or redirected until intermission. We try to accommodate as much as possible, and alternate solutions for latecomers always make them feel special as well.
1:20 p.m.               
Intermission. This is the perfect time to get an idea of what people think of the productions. It’s also a good time to answer the questions about some of the technical aspects of the production. Our Thursday matinee performances are followed by post-show discussions, so this is a good time to remind patrons who might be interested in staying to participate.
1:40 p.m.               
Refill the brochure stands and help out with post-intermission tidying.
2:45 p.m.               
The show breaks. Volunteer usher checkout time. We try to thank people for joining us for the production. Cabs are called if needed and restaurant recommendations are made as requested. We also monitor the performers who wish to greet any fans as they exit, to make sure that they are safe and well-received.
3:15 p.m.               
Secure the theater and prepare to do it all over again for the evening performance. Don’t forget to bring in the outside mat before you lock up!
“Being a concierge is all about finding grace in the face of adversity…
It’s all about not losing your cool.”              
- Joshua Nagtalon, Armory Concierge

“My favorite thing about being a concierge is getting to interact with the huge variety of people whp walk through our doors every day. 
I love sharing the unique history of this space and the Brewery Blocks development with out-of-town guests.
Seeing the wonder of visitors as they see lobbies for the first time is a reminder of just how special the Gerding Theater at the Armory is.”
     -  Karen Johnson, Armory Concierge/Rentals Assistant
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You guys are the bomb!

~Sarah Mitchell
-Ed/CP Department

  • Sarah Mitchell
  • 30 Oct 12 10:59

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