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PHOTOS: All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go? $20 Halloween Tix!

Posted by Allyson Walters | 30 October 2014

 Dont worry, PCS has you covered this Halloween! Enjoy $20(!!)  tickets for Dreamgirls or The Typographer's Dream this Friday, Oct. 31 with promo code HALLOWEEN.

BUT FIRST! Take a look at behind-the-scense photos of the PCS team's Halloween promo photoshoot. (It really doesn't take much arm twisting to get most of the staff in costume.)


Education & Community Programs Coordinator Paul J. Susi

 Graphic Designer Mikey Mann

Clockwise from top: Alan King, Accountant; Jerome Faulkner, Accounting Manager; Development Associate Karen Johnson

Public Relations and Marketing Intern Allyson Walters

Costume Crafts Artisan Barbara Casement

Patron Services Associate Jeremy Garfinkel

Graphic Designer Mikey Mann & IT Assistant and Lead Concierge James Dixon

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