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Inside Look: “The Typographers Dream” Photoshoot

Posted by Allyson Walters | 18 September 2014

Exclusive look at The Typographer's Dream promotional photoshoot. 

Patrick Weishampel (Production Photographer),  Claudie Fisher (PR & Publications Manager), and Kelsey Daye Lutz (Stage Manager) posing for a photo with props.

Tazo taking over Kelsey Tyler's  role as the stenographer.

Kelsey Tyler (Dave the Stenographer) and Laura Faye Smith (Annalise the Geographer). 

Kelsey Tyler (Dave the Stenographer), Laura Faye Smith (Annalise the Geographer), and Sharonlee Mclean (Margaret the Typographer).

Photos taken by Kate Szrom using a smart phone.


The Typographers Dream opens October 10 and runs through November 16.

Preview performances begin October 4.


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The Typographer’s Dream
October 4 — November 16

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