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How many School Shootings Since 1990?

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 14 July 2009

Of course, we all remember these guys:


But how prevalent is school gun violence really?

According to Wikipedia, there have been 60 school shootings since 1990. That’s 3 schools a year affected by student-to-student gun violence.

It’s a frightening number, even though its a statistically insignificant portion of the overall pool of public and private high schools and colleges. And in the aftermath of major incidents we can find ourselves clamoring for profiling metrics, preparedness drills, stiffer penalties for smaller infractions and even an armed on campus security force. But what really is the right approach to preparing our students and ourselves against the threat of violence? How much is too much? And when do we cross the line into creating the very violence we are trying to prevent (by isolating “problem kids” or creating an anxious, defensive population)?

These are some of the questions raised by tonight’s JAW Made In Oregon reading of local playwright Brian Kettler’s In School Suspension.

Check it out tonight at 6 pm on the PCS Main Stage.

P.S. It’s FREE.

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