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Portland Center Stage reclaims the urgency in a familiar musical

Bob Hicks | Oregon Arts Watch [25 Sep 2013]

“Yes, the cast is excellent, and the design’s intriguing, and director Chris Coleman, a man with a deep feeling for the pleasures and possibilities of the musical theater, keeps the long story clipping at a brisk and rhythmic pace.”
“Director Coleman and Kent Zimmerman, who reproduced Jerome Robbins’ original choreography, have made sure the set pieces (think bottle dance) have plenty of room to shine.”

Faithful, tastefully staged, and capably performed production

Jonathan Frochtzwajg | Portland Monthly [25 Sep 2013]

“Fortunately, like our daredevil violinist, Chris Coleman has more than managed ‘to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck,’ doing justice to Fiddler with this faithful, tastefully staged, and capably performed production.”

“Intimate approach to Fiddler a welcome delight in a classic tale.”

Holly Johnson | The Oregonian [25 Sep 2013]

“Intimate approach to Fiddler a welcome delight in a classic tale.”

“Director Chris Coleman creates impressive tableaux vivants.”

“[An] intimate approach keeps us glued to the story and its authenticity without ever taking us very far from the well-loved, well-known numbers such as ‘If I Were a Rich Man’, the lovely ‘Sabbath Prayer’ and ‘Tradition’.”

Warm and Homespun

Rebecca Jacobson | Willamette Week [25 Sep 2013]

“Warm and homespun…tugs on our desire for nostalgia while warning us of the dangers of insularity.”

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