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A Cast Member Change in “Cuckoo’s Nest”

Posted by Cynthia Fuhrman | 09 March 2011

R. Ward Duffy joins the cast this week as Randle McMurphy.

While in film and theater fiction the change of a cast member is often the basis for a juicy plot twist, in reality it's a challenging time for a cast and a theater company. This past weekend, PJ Sosko, who played Randle McMurphy (the instigator of all things annoying to Nurse Ratched), sustained a knee injury during a performance of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. He was the definition of a trouper and finished the weekend's performances, but medical advice and common sense dictated that he must leave the production for the duration of the run.
We are most fortunate that another wonderful actor, R. Ward Duffy, with some history performing the role elsewhere and who has been on our list of actors to watch for some time, is able to join us and step into the role. While we had to cancel two performances early this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) in order to give Ward the opportunity to rehearse with our cast and crew, we expect to be back into our full performance schedule on Thursday, March 10. Thank you to all of our patrons and staff who have expressed such concern for PJ--and thank you to PJ for a wonderful first two weeks of performances!--and for your patience and understanding as we make this change.
You can read more about R. Ward Duffy on our cast and crew page.
If you had tickets for either of the canceled performances, please contact the box office at 503-445-3700, and they will be happy to reschedule you for an alternate performance. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest runs through March 27.
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We attended the Saturday evening performance during which PJ Sosko was injured. He was utterly amazing! I’m sure he was in pain but in no way did it compromise his performance. On the contrary, he used his new cane as a prop and remained in character so completely that I’m not sure I would have known he was injured had it not been announced. Blocking must have changed, with him sitting rather than standing, but it looked as if it had been rehearsed for weeks. I feel guilty saying this, but the actor’s injury may even have strengthened the performance. To see McMurphy “hobbled” by a limp foreshadowed the conclusion in a powerful, albeit ominous, way.

THANK YOU, Mr. Sosko, for remaining such a trooper. And best wishes for a very speedy and complete recovery.

  • Bob
  • 11 Mar 11 05:31

Thank you for your support Chris! As they say, “the show must go on!”

  • Kinsley Suer
  • 10 Mar 11 06:22

I have seen R. Ward’s work, and can attest to his skill and talent. Looking forward to seeing him on stage. Too bad about PJ’s knee, that’s really tough.

  • Chris
  • Portland
  • 10 Mar 11 08:42

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