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“A Small Fire” Art Featured in New York Times

Posted by Alice Hodge | 10 March 2014

Our poster for A Small Fire and the brilliant designer behind it, Julia McNamara, are featured in the New York Times today. We're so proud, we're blushing! But we'll probably need Julia to tell us the proper color palette for our blush.




For a new production at Portland Center Stage in Oregon, Julia McNamara, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, created a poster that uses two sets of arms facing in opposite directions. Set against a black background, the overlapping colors — a blood red and a chalky white — have a fiery quality. It brings to mind flames made of burning arms, or arms reaching down to help someone engulfed by fire.
“I tried to think about how to illustrate an embrace without drawing an embrace,” Ms. McNamara said. “What I came up with was an image that reflects that she is very stripped down to that one sense, touch.”
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