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A Taxonomy of Verse

Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 15 April 2015

Our adaptation of Cyrano was inspired by slam poetry and uses romance and swordplay as outlets. Driven by his wit and love for poetry and all things beautiful, Cyrano hopes too woo his love, Roxane, through the good looks of his comrade, Christian. The bizarre love triangle is entertaining in itself, but the romantic musings of Cyrano are what keep us hanging on every word. In a creative blend of poetry and  romance, Cyrano is able to spark hope in even the most cynical of hearts. Use this guide to better understand the reveries of Cyrano de Bergerac.
TROCHAIC TETRAMETER – a meter in poetry that contains four trochees. A trochee is a long, or stressed syllable, followed by an un-stressed syllable.
DACTYLIC TETRAMETER – a meter in poetry with four dactylic feet. A dactyl is a long syllable followed by two short syllables.
RONDELET – a 24 line poem written in trochaic tetrameter.
CHANT ROYAL – a variation on the ballad, consisting of five eleven-line stanzas with a rhyme scheme a-b-ab-c-c-d-d-e-d-E, and a five-line envoi rhyming d-d-ed-E or a seven-line envoi rhyming c-c-d-d-e-d-E. To add to the complexity, no rhyming word is used twice. Introduced into French poetry in the 15th century by Christine de Pizan and Charles d’Orleans.
BALLADE – The ballade was one of the principal forms of music and poetry in 14th-century and 15th-century France. Not to be confused with the ballad, the ballade contains three main stanzas, each with the same rhyme scheme, plus a shorter concluding stanza, or envoi. All four stanzas have identical final refrain lines.
TERZA RIMA – A verse form of Italian origin, made up of tercets, the second line of each tercet rhyming with the first and third lines of the next one (a-b-a, b-c-b, c-d-c, etc.).
PAEAN – a loud and joyous song, a song of triumph, expressive of enthusiastic praise.
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