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Ben Franklin Aphorism Contest

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 28 October 2009


One very fun part of Benjamin Franklin’s printing career was the creation of Poor Richard’s Almanack , a collection of little nuggets of wisdom, or aphorisms.  To celebrate Ben Franklin Unplugged, we ran a contest on Twitter to coin your own 21st Century aphorism and tweet it to @pcsghost. Here are some of the results:

@nicolealane An invitation in the inbox is worth two in the mailbox

@clairewillett Early to bed and early to rise makes a man a terrible college roommate.

@BethMcShane Energy and persistence conquer all things….except H1N1

@little_panther Politicians are good for making excuses & seldom good for anything else

@trishamead A penny saved is an inappropriate waste of strip mined natural resources.

Thanks everyone for the tweets! We’ll draw the winners of the Ben Franklin Unplugged tickets on November 1st.

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