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Benjamin Scheuer on “The Lion”

Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 13 April 2015


"I love writing pen and ink to my friends and my family, and when Sean and I were at the Weston Playhouse [in Vermont] working on the show, I would send postcards when I didn't know what to write. Sean said to me, “Why don’t you write a postcard to your father?” And I started crying, and so Sean made me bacon." - Benjamin Scheuer to The New York Times
"Both of these guitars are built to the exact specifications that I want, it's true one of them is a birthday present from my brothers. There's something really cool that I never get to show people, but on the back of the neck over here, there are little watercolor paintings of lions." - Benjamin Scheuer to Terri Paddock

"We start out somewhere with a thing that we don’t have yet – which is probably being understood or having love. And then we go searching for it and then we f**k it up and then we try it again. 'The Lion' is not about me – it’s just my version of that." - Benjamin Scheuer on Broadway.com

"Fighting illness and battling other serious traumas in life is painful. But going back to create art of these problems is joyful. It’s difficult for sure, but when I can take these awful things in life and turn them into the best things that I can share with people–that is a good thing." - Benjamin Scheuer to The Manhattan Digest

The Lion opens at PCS on May 8, with preview performances beginning May 2. 

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