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Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 01 June 2015

This last year our bar and cafe changed the way they create their menus, and wow has it been a success! We're lucky enough to have an extremely creative team on hand to design speciality food and drinks for each show. Take a look at how our Catering Services Supervisor, Jamie Bilderback, formulates the bar menu and the creative process behind it all.
Last season, we thought it’d be fun to do one specialty cocktail per show. The popularity was overwhelming! It became a ritual that patrons looked forward to; as each new show began, the customers at the bar were always really excited to see what new drink was paired with whichever show they were seeing. It not only took the guess work out of figuring out what to order, but it also gave folks the chance to continually try new things that they might not try otherwise. When we began this season, we decided to go all in with our specialty cocktail menu. We now have a new full menu with each pair of shows (Main Stage and Ellen Bye Studio) so patrons have even more fun options to choose from.
When we create the menu, we try to be as balanced as possible to ensure that everyone has something they like. There’s always a cocktail for each type of liquor (i. e. vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila, champange) and we also try to hit as many flavors per menu as possible (sweet, savory, spicy, fruity, herby, etc.). It’s a fun puzzle every time!
We always take the time to make our own infusions, simples, and reductions from scratch. Using fresh and seasonal product is a priority.
We always use premium liquor and are constantly experimenting with new and interesting liqueurs. For example, our last menu included a variety of French spirits for our Cyrano cocktails – absinthe, Lillet Blanc, Benedictine, and Punt e Mes.
It’s fun to create themed names for the collection of cocktails. For People’s Republic of Portland we named the cocktails after popular Portland neighborhoods. “The Burnside” was a shot of Bulleit Bourbon and a PBR back because Burnside houses some of the best dive bars in town (what’s up B-Side!). “The Hawthorne” was a boozy coffee cocktail full of Oregon-based ingredients: house-made hazelnut syrup, Stumptown Cold Brew and Flor de Cana dark rum. Our present menu features weather-themed names for Three Days of Rain.


Current Menu

“The Lion’s Tail” – Bulleit Bourbon, Agnostura bitters, all-spice dram, lime, simple
This is a classic cocktail recipe. We used this drink on our winter menu because it’s so delicious and savory and warms you right up. It was so insanely popular that we couldn’t resist bringing it back for The Lion.
“Benjamin’s Choice” – Grey Goose martini, dirty, four olives
Benjamin Scheuer is a one man army. It was only fitting that we reached out to him to see what his favorite drink was. Cheers, Benjamin!
“Cookie-tin Banjo” – Flor de Cana white rum infused with basil, blackberry puree, soda, lemon wedge
Basil and blackberry are always a perfect almost-summer combination. This one is named after the first song performed in The Lion.
“Grey Skies” – Crater Lake gin, earl grey simple, lemon, honey
Tea infused with booze is my favorite! So many folks who come up to the bar are torn between having caffeine or a cocktail – this way, they don’t have to choose.
“Rhubarb Tequila Sunrise” – Lunazul tequila, rhubarb simple, OJ
We adore rhubarb and it’s finally in season. The fact that it blends so perfectly in a Tequila Sunrise was just a perfect happenstance.
“Stormy Morning” – Crème de Violette, St. Germaine, champagne, lime

This is a classic recipe as well. It’s so lovely when poured; it really does look like a stormy morning when the rich purple Crème de Violette mixes into the champagne. This cocktail was particularly popular on Mother’s Day.




The Lion runs through June 14 and Three Days of Rain runs through June 21. Get your tickets here.


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