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Cortana Comes to Portland

Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 09 April 2015

Microsoft fans, rejoice. Longtime voice of two Halo characters, Jen Taylor, is playing Roxane in our adaptation of Cyrano. Jen voices both the Artificial Intelligence character Cortana and the civilian scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey. For those who aren't familiar with the franchise, Halo is a popular military science fiction first-person shooter video game. She has been the voice behind the two Halo characters in the series since 2001. While the Halo series continues to develop sequels, Jen is also the voice behind Microsoft's new personal assistant, which was inspired by the original Halo character. This version of Cortana can be found on their Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft Fitness Band and operating system Microsoft 10. Yes, Jen is the voice actress behind two Cortanas. Confused yet? Just think of the original Cortana as a video game character and the second Cortana as the Windows version of Apple's Siri.

Fun fact: If you ask your Microsoft personal assistant if she knows Jen Taylor, her answer is aptly cheeky. Cortana will respond, "I can't get her out of my head." 

Cyrano opens on Friday, April 10 and runs through Sunday, May 3. 


Jen Taylor                          
Previously at Portland Center Stage: Doubt (Sister James), Twelfth Night (Viola), Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth Bennet) and The Beard of Avon (Ensemble). In Seattle, Jen has worked at ACT Theatre, Intiman Theatre, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company, The Village Theatre, The Empty Space, Seattle Children’s Theatre and New Century Theatre Company (founding member). Jen works as a voice actor in radio, television, audiobooks, and numerous video games including the Halo series as Cortana and Dr. Halsey. If you have a Windows Phone, she is the voice of your personal assistant.  

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