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Hayes Freedom High School is Cuckoo for Haikus

Posted by Sarah Mitchell | 01 March 2011

After reading Ken Kesey's legendary novel, Stephanie Spencer's students at Hayes Freedom High School created haikus describing the main characters in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.   Check them out!

Randle P. McMurphy

Welcome to the Ward.                                                                                                                           
He's cool and he doesn't care.                                                                                                     
Cards are his main thing.                                                                                                      
--Kevin B.                                                                                    

An American  
Scruffy, unbathed, and vocal    
He brings down the walls.   
--Tony A.                                                                 


 McMurphy is strange                                                                       
He is smart yet has been caged                                                    
He will find a way.                                                                           
--Tressa W.                                                                                           

Fights and f***s too much
Mean, rude, and ill-tempered
Insane or faking?
--Mykynna C.

Big, brash, ladies' man                                                                     
Obnoxious but kind-hearted                                                           
Voice of the patients                                                                          
--Cory M.                                                                                              

McMurphy so loud,
So happy and proud he is
Laughing through the ward
--Jessica H.

Chief Bromden

This story is mine                                                                             
There is a genius inside                                                                  
Please just read my mind.                                                              
--Robert O.                                                                                            

Sweeping back and forth
Not listening but hearing
Machinery there
--Jessica P.


Nurse Ratched

Mechanical arms                                                                         
Reaching forward to consume                                                 
The souls of patients                                                                   
--Tony A.                                                                                     

Satan in disguise,
Ratched the controller
will rip out your eyes.
   --Tiffany W.

Cold, firm, unmoving                                                              
Ruler with an iron fist                                                               
Keeps the ward in mist                                                              
--Cory M.                                                                                        

Porcelain faced
She always maintains control
She's not who she seems
--Natasha N.


Alright, your turn! Compose your own haiku about your most loved (or most hated!) character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and post in the comments below.  Responders will be entered into a drawing for (2) tickets to our production.  Deadline for 'submissions' is March 8th...GO!

Comments (4)

Big Chief doesn’t speak
He sees things others cannot
The Combine runs on

Nurse Ratched: so mean
Somebody oughta choke her
I know just the guy.

Cheswick tried so hard
to find his voice on his own
but it took too much

(thanks again for featuring my kids!  They are immensely thrilled and looking forward to seeing the show :D)

I laugh and I drink,
so I report to a shrink,
and now I can’t think.

  • Jeb Cramer
  • Portland, OR
  • 01 Mar 11 10:56

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