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Diary of A JAW Rookie: Day One

Posted by Madeleine Metzker | 16 July 2014


DIARY OF A JAW rookie: Day One

As a first time JAW festival goer, I have been flooded with new experiences. From exploring the nooks and crannies of the building, to watching my very first staged play reading. None of this is anything I have ever been a part of, and to be completely honest, I haven’t had much exposure to anything play related. When I first walked in to PCS, there was a substantial amount of new faces (for me) filling the armory. The warm greetings and recognition of old friends and the elated meetings of new people. I started off my day with orientation, the well known “go around the circle and recite your name and what you do here.” Sitting at the long rectangular tables, I am surrounded by these genius writers and extremely creative people. Glancing around, every single person was intently listening to Rose Riordan, the creator of the festival, as she instructed people on how the next two weeks were going to go.

Shortly after the orientation concluded, everyone new to the building took a tour to see all the interesting areas of Portland Center Stage. I learned about the incredible historical structure that put PCS on the National Historic Register, as well as seeing where the magic is made in the 590 seat main stage area. A rare occurrence that I got to witness was the opening of the Slab doors. The light poured in as people took a break from the hectic morning to sit on the steps to snack and do a bit of people watching. After lunch wrapped up, we all returned to the Vigeland Rehearsal Hall to listen to the first company readings of Penny Penniston’s Keys of the Kingdom and Tommy Smith’s db. Though I only had the chance to stay and hear Penny’s play, I was amazed at how people truly got into their roles. Each individual’s performance was dazzling, making me feel as if it was an actual conversation being had between a group of people.

Overall, the first day as a whole was an experience to remember, as well as a terrific start off to a much anticipated next two weeks. This years JAW festival is truly going to be an outstanding one full of sensational people and incredible performances.


Madeleine Metzker is an incoming senior at Portland Adventist Academy. For her final senior project, she is studying marketing and advertising while interning with Portland Center Stage. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running and shopping. Most of the running, however, is to the store from her car to actually do the shopping. 

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