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The Dream Team: Merideth & Drew

Posted by Alice Hodge | 22 May 2014

Over the past season of theater in Portland, the stars of The Last Five Years, Merideth Kaye Clark and Drew Harper, have starred together three times, been married twice and formed one impressive musical theater dream team. At PCS, we've been lucky enough to have two out of the three moments of magic happen on our stages.

And, don't worry, you can still catch Merideth & Drew's latest duet in the Ellyn Bye Studio now through June 22. 


1. Fiddler on the Roof, Portland Center Stage

Merideth Kaye Clark as Tzietel and Drew Harper as Motel in Fiddler on the Roof on the main stage at Portland Center Stage. This was also marriage number one of the season!

Actors who create more than cut-out characters in the short window of time they’re given...Drew Harper as Motel, the sweet-faced tailor in love with Tevye’s eldest daughter.

-The Oregonian

Merideth Kaye Clark, as Tevye’s oldest daughter, delivers a fantastically screechy impersonation of nosy matchmaker Yenta.

-Willamette Week


2. Light in the Piazza, Portland Playhouse

Merideth as Clara Johnson  - third from the left, pink dress, adorable - and Drew as Guiseppe Naccarelli - second from right, brown suit (with PCS' Associate Development Director Jennifer Goldsmith!), in Light in the Piazza at Portland Playhouse in the winter of 2014.

Merideth Kaye Clark is delightful as Clara, portraying a childlike innocence that swings easily from joy to despair...[and] Drew Harper, stands out with a flamboyant passion.

-Portland Monthly 


3. The Last Five Years, Portland Center Stage

Drew and Merideth reunite on the PCS stage - and for marriage number two! - as Jamie Wellerstein and Cathy Haitt in Jason Robert Brown's acclaimed musical The Last Five Years in the Ellyn Bye Studio.

Stars Merideth Kaye Clark and Drew Harper are equally strong as Cathy and Jamie, with beautiful voices that wring out the essence of Brown's ballads, while exhibiting plenty of spirit in the uptempo numbers. 

-The  Oregonian

The Last Five Years is a showcase for the next wave of talent on Portland’s theater scene.

-Oregon  ArtsWatch

Stop holding your breath for the upcoming movie adaptation! This is the live production of the Last Five Years you've been waiting for ... Both talented singers, Harper and Clark successfully transform Jamie and Cathy into three-dimensional people, complete with questionable fashion taste, sexual needs, and palpable vulnerability.

-Portland Monthly


Don't miss the Merideth and Drew dream team in The Last Five Years! Now through June 22, 2014.




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