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“Everyone Needs To Eat” – Growing Gardens

Posted by Shana | 06 February 2013

Portland Center Stage partnered with students from Portland State University’s Arts Advocacy class to create a series of blogs about non-profits working to end hunger. The students visited the organizations, interviewed staff, and wrote blogs about their experience from a personal perspective. These blogs will be featured right here, during the run of I Love to Eat. Our fourth installment features Growing Gardens, from the perspective of guest blogger Courtney Watson.

As residents of Portland, we understand the necessity for good food, not only in taste, but also with nutrition and support through our community. We encourage it in our restaurants, grocery stores and especially in our homes. Luckily, our city provides us with an abundance of opportunities for growth within our community and our own backyards. One of the most inspiring is through Growing Gardens, a community based non-profit aimed at providing low income families with gardens of their own and a mission to educate the masses about their nutrition and role in community growth.
As a health conscious college student, I am not always able to provide myself with the nutrition I know I need. Understanding this reality, even with a livable income, shows me how hard it must be for a family who is struggling to put food on the table, let alone a nutritious meal for their loved ones.
Through Growing Gardens, donations and volunteers help make these families sustainable in their own homes. A small garden in the backyard or community plot for the neighborhood, helps encourage healthy eating and sustainability. 
Not only does the organization help to support low income households, but encourages the education of food and hand grown resources through their own Youth Grow program. This program uses after school and summer garden clubs, as well as food tastings to get children interested in different foods and healthy living.


Growing Gardens is successful because of the community volunteers who donate their time and effort to help preserve Growing Gardens wonderful mission. These volunteers have worked almost 1700 man hours in 2011 alone, at a value of over $28,000. Volunteers can use their skills to help the community by building garden beds or educating about nutrition and food.
You can also get involved through internships, marketing, or donations, whatever your skill set - they have a place for you! To find out more, or to volunteer your time, click here
Please take part in Portland Center Stage's food drive throughout the run of I Love to Eat. More information about the food drive can be found here.
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