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First Thursday Reception on June 6

Posted by Sarah Mitchell | 20 May 2013

You're Invited to First Thursday at PCS!

Thursday, June 6 from 6-8 p.m.


Light refreshments will be served for you to enjoy as you mingle among the artwork in our Gallery and Studio Level lobbies.



The Tibetan Series

Drawings by April Coppini

On view May 6 - June 30, 2013



Number Seven by April Coppini


April Coppini

PCS is proud to present a collection of new charcoal drawings by April Coppini. The Tibetan Series is inspired by the Litang Horse Race Festival, during which Tibetans gather to commemorate the religious festivals of the ancient Litang Monastery with an array of equestrian competitions. Nomadic herders called Khampas compete in races to determine who has the best horse in this traditional high-altitude town.
April’s drawings express the power and momentum of the horses and their riders as competitors race side by side. As in a finish line snapshot, the subjects of Coppini’s works are captured on paper through a skillful combination of blurring and detail. The horse’s unfinished legs suggest movement while the arresting detail found in their expressive eyes encourages the viewer to stop and look at the animals mid-stride. The balance between smudge and focus is echoed in the expressive lines that jut out onto the blank paper that not only serve to add dimension to the artworks but also to communicate the artist’s process in the finished piece.
April Coppini received her B.F.A in printmaking and drawing from Alfred University, School of the Arts in 1994 before moving to Oregon the following year. She works at her home studio in NE Portland where she lives with her family. Her artwork can be purchased through the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery or by contacting Portland Center Stage Curator Elizabeth Spavento at gallery@pcs.org.


Kelly McCarty

On view May 24 - June 30, 2013


In conjunction with Somewhere in Time, artist Kelly McCarty will present a series of works in the Studio Gallery. The beautiful and graceful color fields in McCarty’s abstract artwork are a result of what he calls a “cold encaustic process” and are reminiscent of works by master artists like Arshile Gorky and C. S. Price.  Driven by the process of artmaking, McCarty mixes hot beeswax with flaxseed or linseed oil to create a translucent emulsion. When cooled, the artist adds the mixture to oil paints, resulting in the encaustic-like medium that characterizes his work. Layer by thin layer, he gradually works the material with brush and knife, often taking years to complete one work. 
Inspired by past relationships, the works in this exhibition convey sense of timelessness and vibrancy; of warmth and tactility. The abstract compositions exude a moody atmosphere and invite the viewer to draw her own narrative when looking.

La Morte de l'Amour by Kelly McCarty


Kelly McCarty is a member of the Falcon Art Community located in North Portland. The Falcon fosters the talents of a select group of artists whose work combines craftsmanship and vision, supporting them as they develop their craft and grow their careers.
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