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For Audiences, Loving Ben Scheuer Will Be Easy

Posted by Alice Hodge | 23 March 2015

Benjamin Scheuer has been lighting up hearts in New York City and London's West End with his solo musical The Lion for the last two years and we are lucky enough to have The Lion make it's west coast premiere in our Ellyn Bye Studio May 2. Huffington Post hailed it as “the best new musical” and sat down with your new crush, Ben Scheuer. 


Benjamin Scheuer sat at Buvette in the West Village, a casual grin stretching up toward his perfectly coifed 'do. "I dressed for spring today," he said with a velvet voice, sliding over words like they were made of silk. He did look like spring, with all its restless energy and magnetism. His silver suit and cotton candy tie, along with an ocean blue fedora that he left by the restaurant's door, gave off the allure of an Impressionist painting -- perhaps a mix of Monet's muted water lilies and Toulouse-Lautrec's bawdy back rooms.

The air around him smelled of vintage cologne, but also sweet like Belgian waffles. When he talked, it was with familiarity and warmth. He never stumbled over syllables, but he would pause sometimes, a songwriter lilt dictating the rhythm of his speech. He had discreet mannerisms -- playing with a fork while thinking, or leaning forward just enough to seem friendly without being imposing. You might applaud his undeniable charisma and try to mask your pomegranate cheeks because he's the kind of debonair that reminds you of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a lit match, and whisky on the rocks.

But it seems that, beneath his charming façade, Scheuer has depth as well. This comes out in his opinions and some of the subtleties in his gesture (a hint of a smirk at someone's naïveté or a handshake that feels a little too rehearsed). Nowhere is it quite so obvious as in his music.

"Write down the one thing you certainly do not want anybody to know about you, and burn the paper afterwards -- whatever," he explained. "And then start there. Start your song there. That's your first line. And the first time you do it, it's horrifying, and it's the worst thing ever. But if you do it every single day for three months, it just becomes your job."

His passion made you wonder how difficult it was to get through those first three months of writing while tucked away in a Connecticut cabin with snow outside and a pen in hand.

Read the full article here.

The Lion
May 4 – June 14


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