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Posted by Alice Hodge | 25 August 2014

Horace, the goat, (forefront) grazes happily on blackberry bushes.

Today, we earned another Portland badge. Today, we rented goats. Goats!

The Portland Center Stage Scene Shop located in industrial Northwest Portland enlisted the services of the West Side Goat Girl, Casey Brewer. Casey brought 22 goats ranging in age from six months to 12 years to forage on the (often literal) thorn in every Pacific Northwestern gardener's side - the dreaded and incredibly invasive Himalayan blackberry that has taken over a small strip of land behind the shop.

Why goats? Because they are the most environmentally friendly, effective  and adorable way to weed. Well, that is, until kittens realize that dandelions are WAY better than kibble. Until then, it's goats all the way!

Here's what West Side Goat Girl has to say:

Considering reclaiming that pasture or project, overgrown with blackberries, brush or weeds? Consider an alternative approach instead of pesticides or heavy equipment. Go Green, Go Goats!

West Side Goat Girl, LLC is a family owned and operated goat rental, brush clearing service, serving both Washington & Oregon. We are dedicated to caring for our communities, environment and goats, of course!

There are many benefits by renting goats for brush clearing compared to traditional methods. 

  • Easily access difficult terrain
  • Provide fertilizer
  • Entertainment for the community
  • More cost effective than landscapers or heavy equipment
  • Quiet & timely
  • Pesticide free
  • Perfect for sensitive areas such as steep slopes, wetlands & water retention ponds
  • Reduces fire hazards by clearing brush ladders

Casey Brewer with her herd.

Portland Center Stage and The Gerding Theater at the Armory is the first historic rehabilitation on the National Historic Register and the first performing arts venue to achieve the US Green Building Council’s highest certification level: LEED Platinum. We are committed to a sustainable future with energy efficienct lighting and heating, water conservation, natural ventalation, goats and much more. Learn more about how PCS goes green!

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