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Greetings from Camp FEMA!

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 27 January 2012

Our production of The North Plan, currently running on the Main Stage, takes place in the not-so-distant future. And that’s probably what makes it so extra creepy and goose bump-inducing – the ripped-from-the-headlines idea that the revered U.S. Constitution could be thrown out so quickly and easily, under our very noses. Is it possible?
According to Playwright Jason Wells, this idea was his primary inspiration when he set out to write The North Plan. But if such a scenario were to actually play out, it would be much harder to recognize than we might assume.
“I think if we had such a coup, it would come clothed in a ‘re-interpreted’ legality, and adorned with talking points. With the help of the media, it would be vague and confusing, at once oversimplified and riddled with impenetrable contradictions, and the great majority of us will be assured that there is nothing we need do but get on with our lives. Such a scenario seems not only possible to me, but plausible. It isn’t hard, unfortunately, to imagine the national tragedy that could ignite it.”
This has gotten us thinking.  Could such a breakdown and seemingly seamless regime changeover really happen? The rounding up of millions of “suspicious” American citizens?
And if it did…would I be on the list? Simply for writing this blog post?
It’s not hard to believe that some of today’s current politics and policies could someday lead to the same sort of scenario described in The North Plan.
For example, in The North Plan, civil liberties have been suspended for the supposed purpose of maintaining general safety and order. This political strategy is a direct reference to the US Patriot Act, one of the most controversial legal documents of the last decade. Under the US Patriot Act, the government has the power to jail Americans indefinitely without a trial, deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes, and search and seize Americans' "papers and effects" without probable cause. Many believe that these and other provisions within the act are unconstitutional. 
More recently, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which grants him the legal authority to indefinitely detain, without trial, anyone that the government considers a "threat" to national security. According to the ACLU, this act is particularly worrisome "because it has no temporal or geographic limitations" - meaning the President could potentially invoke these new authority right here on US soil.
In the past few weeks, with the introduction of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the  US House of Representatives and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate, some legislators have seriously discussed the possibility of censoring and even blocking the internet, an issue that is also touched upon in The North Plan.


Do you believe that the scenario portrayed in The North Plan could one day become our reality? Or do you chalk it up to just another conspiracy theory?
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Don’t Worry - Camp is very entertaining.  Come join us.  You too can be safe if only you will trust us.  And, when the brain implants arrive - you won’t be having these horrible thoughts.  Also, please don’t attend “The North Plan”.  It will only disturb you. Hope and Change is what you need.  Resistance is futile.
We love you, your friends and mentors from the United Nations, Agenda 21.

  • BobL
  • Not Portland
  • 04 Feb 12 06:37

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