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How Rose Riordan Convinced Lauren Weedman to Come to Portland Again

Posted by Alice Hodge | 17 March 2015

The origin story of how the remount of  The People's Republic of Portland came to be. Or a typical converstation between director Rose Riordan and Lauren Weedman.

By Rose Riordan

18 months ago.

Me: Lauren, we want to remount The People’s Republic of Portland next season. What do you think?!

Lauren: No.

Me: Come on Lauren, it will be fun. We can have a few laughs, you can get that yucky – I mean yummy – coconut kombucha you like so much. Leo can watch receipts float around and go to the zoo.

Lauren: Who is this?

Me: Rose.

Lauren: Who?


Lauren: What’s the part?

Me: What?

Lauren: Sounds complicated.

Me: Who is this?

Lauren: Lauren.

Me: Who?

Lauren: LAUREN.

Me: …

Lauren: (laughter)

Me: …

Lauren: Are you directing?

Me: …

Lauren: Okay. Fine. I’m … (off phone) LEO! LEO!  (click)

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