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How to Pick a Subcription Package

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 12 March 2013


Last week we announced our lineup for the 2013-2014 season. But with a couple of new subscription options on the table, some of you may be wondering which option is best suited for you. So our creative subscription manager, Andrew Cullerton, wrote a poem describing all of your subscription options! Which package best describes you?


How to Pick a Subscription Package
By Subscription Manager Andrew Cullerton
I want to see theater
I want to commit
To all of the shows
With my own place to sit
I like comedy and drama
Musicals fill me with glee
The Everything Package
Is the package for me
I want to see theater
The big stage is best
I like plays I’ve heard of
I don’t care for the rest
I enjoy a big spectacle
From Shakespeare to Blues
The Main Stage Package
Is the one I shall choose
I want to see theater
But not anything I know
If it’s strange and unique
Then it’s my kind of show
I don’t care too much
For shows everyone’s done
The Studio Package
Sounds like lots of fun
I want to see theater
But I can’t commit
With all of these shows
I’d be forced to omit
I still want to subscribe
But I want freedom, too
It sounds like the Flexpass
Is what I will do
I want to see theater
But I only attend
Specific kinds of shows
And I will not bend
I will not be forced
Into shows I don’t want
The “Create Your Own” Package
Is my kind of jaunt
Still have questions about your subscription options for the 2013-2014 season? Give our box office gurus a call at 503-445-3700!






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