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Ladies and Gentleman, Name Your Seat!

Posted by EmilyWr | 27 April 2012


Ladies and gentleman, today is the day to make history at Portland Center Stage. Now is the time when you can make your mark (legally) in our gorgeous main stage theatre by donating a seat naming sponsorship gift. Here are some reasons why this opportunity is a no-brainer:  

1.       There will be a seat at PCS that is YOURS. Every time you come to see a show, you won’t have to request seat C23 (or whichever), or look at a chart to find the best available seat, but rather say, “Oh, I would like to sit in MY seat...is it available?” How cool is that?
2.       You can avoid those awkward moments when someone thinks you are sitting in their seat and you compare ticket stubs, scratch your heads in confusion, call of the usher for confirmation, etc, etc. No, there will be none of that, you simply will point to your beautiful plaque on your seat’s armrest, smile, and know you’re in the right spot.
3.       The gift you need to make in order to make this happen is a total of $1,891 which is the year the Armory was built. A clever way for us to recall our beloved building’s past, in order to secure our future as a visionary, one-of-a-kind theatre. If this gift seems a little bit steep to your wallet, please know that we are happy to work out a monthly or quarterly payment plan so that folks from a variety of economic situations can name their seat. This is an opportunity for ALL theatre lovers.
4.       It makes a great gift. Imagine how special it would be to take a loved one to see a show and surprise them by pointing out their name on their chair’s armrest. Naming a seat for a loved one is definitely a thoughtful and creative way to show someone you care for them (Mother’s day is just around the corner *nudge, nudge*).
So, what are you waiting for? Contact Jessy Friedt to name a seat for you or a loved one at 503.445.3744 or via email at jessyf@pcs.org. Leave your legacy behind (pun intended).
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