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Lauren Weedman in “NO…YOU SHUTUP” at Disjecta

Posted by Sarah Mitchell | 30 October 2012



Directed by Jeff Weatherford

Produced by B. Frayn Masters

Tickets at www.disjecta.org


Hailed by The Washington Post as one of the "funniest women in comedy," Lauren Weedman will be back in town for the Portland premiere of her smash hit solo show, NO...YOU SHUTUP — for one weekend only! According to The New York Times, Lauren is "particularly good at making her points and making us feel clever. Most important, she's just plain funny, physically and verbally."

Brought to you from the mind of the extraordinarily talented and very funny author of A Woman Trapped in a Woman's Body, NO...YOU SHUTUP is a darkly hilarious story about family. Lauren takes to the stage with incisive observations, dead-on characterizations and laugh-out-loud stories that always manage to boomerang back to nail the teller of the tale.

SPECIAL NOTE: Those who purchase tickets to this show will receive a special code (at the show) that will allow them to purchase tickets at 50% off to the premiere run of Lauren's spring 2013 show, The People’s Republic of Portland, at Portland Center Stage!



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