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New Shit Show

Posted by Kelsey Tyler | 08 January 2016

The Entertainment for People: New Shit Show -- featuring a variety of all debut work (you know, never-been-performed-new-shit) each month from a cast of Portland favorites and special guests! MUSIC. COMEDY. VIDEOS. RAUCOUS READINGS. WEIRD STUFF.

February 8 - Doors at 7:30 p.m. and show at 8 p.m. $10



SEASON 3 CAST: Emmy-Nominated Director of The Making of South Park; Six Days to Air/Author of the shorty story book, Turtleface, ARTHUR BRADFORD, International Poet/Moth Hour Storyteller/Producer+Host BackFencePDX, MINDY NETTIFEE, WEINLAND Frontman/Alialuja Choir Co-Founder, ADAM SHEARER, Musician/Songwriter/In the Band Bitch’n, EMILY OVERSTREET, Regular Host at Helium/Co-Creator of Hurricane Comedy/Co-Creator and Co-Writer of Late Night with Alex Falcone, BRI PRUETT, PICA Time Based Art Favorite/Host of the Moth StorySLAMs, ANDREW DICKSON, and Voted Best Storyteller/Spoken word for 2015 WW’s Best Of/Producer+Host BackFencePDX,  B. FRAYN MASTERS.


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