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Portland, Through the Eyes of Portlanders

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 01 May 2013

To coincide with our production of Clybourne Park, we’ve asked our audiences to share their thoughts about Portland neighborhoods with us on our giant Portland map, located on the mezzanine level of the Armory. With each colored sticky note, Portlanders were asked to consider why they live where they live, why they would want to live in a different neighborhood, and why they would never live in a certain area. Now that the map has been populated with a rainbow of sticky notes, we're able to see that our patrons come from neighborhoods all over the city -- and have quite diverse opinions about where they would and would not want to live. Below are some of the sticky note responses we've received so far.
We've noticed a few themes emerage from our pink sticky notes, which are used to mark where patrons would not want to live:
“ I don’t want to feel gentrified.”
“Never in a million years.”
“Too predictable. Boring.”
“Strip malls and homogeny.”
“On principle.”
Other pink examples include:
I don’t identify with mass/uniform construction of homes or the people who can afford something else but choose it.”
“Traffic sucks. Too noisy. Hear gun shots from time to time.”
“I look around Portland and long for a place – ANY place – less self-righteous, less pretentious, less overpriced, and MORE DIVERSE.”
“The Albertson’s is dirty and feels like it takes 20 min to walk to even though it’s just five blocks… #NoSidewalks”
“There are too many strip clubs.”
But nestled among the pinks -- in the very same neighborhoods -- are green sticky notes, which are used by patrons to explain why they love living in that particular neighborhood or area.
“Who are these judgmental freaks so negative of Beaverton – it’s way more progressive than PDX, schools are better! And the populations is diverse. Get with it.”
“My wife is Italian, and we live in a house that belonged to an Italian family for over 65 years.”
“The Melissa Anne apartments are a great place to experience that crazy year of drug experimention and malt liquor consumption and record-player-fueled dance parties in your early 20s. #YearOfTheBox”
And we'll end with one of our favorites (although we are assuming the author did not intend for it to be written on a pink sticky note!).



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