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Rothko Cookies…in the Armory Café!

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 29 February 2012

There’s no better combination than art and frosting. So, throughout the run of Red, the Armory Café will be serving up some beautiful (and delicious!) Mark Rothko-inspired cookies. The audience in attendance at our opening night reception for Red last Friday got the first glimpse and taste at the café’s newest creations. But before the platter of cookies hit the buffet table, the staff in the cafe experimented with various cookie cutters, frosting and food coloring. Their mission? To create the perfect Rothko cookie.

First came the research. The cafe picked out a few of their favorite Mark Rothko paintings in order to determine how many different frosting colors would be needed to recreate them.



We snapped a few photos during one of the cafe's first Rothko cookie-creation experiments. It was definitely a work in progress to get the colors just right.



Our lovely cafe staff member Gen worked dilligently to mix food coloring into each frosting cup. Although the green, yellow and blue frosting that resulted was beautiful, it was a little too pastel-hued. We  had our hearts set on colors that were a little brighter and bolder - or, one might say, more "Rothko-esque."




Here's how one of our early batches turned out:



They were absolutely delicious.

Luckily, with just a bit more tweaking and practice, the cafe found the perfect color combinations for their Rothko cookies. At the opening-night party for Red, they were the first plate to go!



These delightful cookies will be on sale in the Armory Cafe throughout the run of Red. Be sure to grab one on your way into the show...or while you're out exploring the Pearl!


Red runs through March 18 on the PCS Main Stage.


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