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SE Belmont’s Popular Theater! Theatre! Closing Its Doors

Posted by Sarah Mitchell | 08 February 2013

The Portland theater community received some unfortunate news this morning.  SE Belmont's long-running space Theater! Theatre! will be shutting its doors at the end of the 2012-2013 season. The two resident theater companies, Profile Theatre and Theatre Vertigo, are now faced with finding a new home. 


Beyond Profile and Vertigo losing their permanent spaces, there are numerous other local companies and individual artists that have utilized the facility for plays, comedy shows, musicals, workshops...you name it.  In my opinion, this shift further underlines a question you often hear among PDX theater folk: Why aren't there more small-sized venues here in Portland? Here's hoping that this turn of events generates a rallying cry to create viable 100-200 seat performance spaces that can accommodate all the great companies out there.

On a personal note, Theater! Theatre! was the second venue I visited (after PCS) upon moving to Portland in 2008.  I saw Paula Vogel's The Long Christmas Ride Home at Theatre Vertigo, not knowing at the time that many members of that talented local cast would become good friends of mine (even roommates!).  


Heather Rose Pearson and Darius Pierce in The Long Christmas Ride Home


Below are a few quotes from the two theaters' press releases, as well as some photos of past productions at Theater! Theatre!.   

Read Oregon Arts Watch's take on the situation here.



From Theatre Vertigo: 

"While disappointed to lose a theatre that has housed so much of our community's work, we look forward to the opportunities that this challenge presents. We would like to find a venue that can be shared with many different producers, a flexible and versatile space that is large enough to acommodate the Theater! Theatre! community."

-  Joe Shallenburger, Theatre Vertigo Board President

From Profile Theatre:
“It’s heartbreaking that this community is losing two of its most valuable venues.”
- Adriana Baer, Profile Theatre Artistic Director

What are your favorite smaller venues in Portland?  Do you have any ideas to help Profile and Vertigo find new spaces?

Profile Theatre's The Road to Mecca. Photo by Jamie Bosworth


Action/Adventure Theatre's serial comedy Fall of the House


Robery Wyllie, Paige Jones and Matthew Kerrigan in Mother Courage at Theatre Vertigo

Comments (3)

Thank you for your lovely blog post.  We are grateful for our wonderful community!

  • Adriana Baer
  • 08 Feb 13 11:52

Thank you, PCS. This is lovely, and the photos provide food for thought about what Portland is losing.  We appreciate the outpouring of local support that this news has generated.

  • Cindy Lyndin
  • 08 Feb 13 10:06

Sadness. This could potentially be good news for CoHo, though, yes? There’s also Hipbone.

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