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Sequins & Brady: The French Bull Dog

Posted by Alice Hodge | 27 August 2014

Three things we are dying over today:

1. The banners are up! The 2014-15 season is just days away — 24 to be exact. And check out the gorgeous art designed by Julia McNamara (Dreamgirls) and our resident Graphic Designer, Mikey Mann (The Typographer's Dream.)

2. Sequins! For Days! Reams of fabric for Dreamgirls arrived from NYC today and it is sequins! Sequins! And more sequins! And a little gold brocade, chiffon and every other delicious fabric you can think of. Needless to say, we are DYING.  Also, is it just us or do the sequins in the middle look like the most glamourous burger?

3. Brady. Meet Brady, our new Costume Shop Manager Mike Floyd's lovely French Bull Dog. Or the real genius behind all those sequins. Clearly, our next mission is obvious: photograph Brady in sequins.


Previews for Dreamgirls start September 20 and runs through November 2. The Typographers Dream performs October 4 — November 16.

Save $5 on Dreamgirls with code word GLITTER (duh)




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