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Shop Talk on April 16: The Run Crew

Posted by Sarah Mitchell | 10 April 2013

Tuesday, April 16
6:30-7 p.m.
On the Mezzanine
Kelsey Daye Lutz, Production Assistant
Tim McGarry, Deck Manager
Kelsey Tyler, Moderator
Join us in the lobby before Clybourne Park to hear from the talented leaders of our backstage crew. Clybourne has a complicated changeover between acts where 6 crew members will age the house by exactly 50 years. Which parts of the set move completely, and which are altered for Act 2? How did the crew split up the duties to make the transition as smooth as possible? We’ll tackle these questions and more in this free, open-to-the-public discussion.

Set Designer Michael Olich's model for Clybourne Park



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