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Throwback Thursday: Kate Eastwood Norris

Posted by Alice Hodge | 29 January 2014


Throwback Thursday (#TBT): The Kate Eastwood Norris Edition.


We're throwing back with Kate, a "world class actor at the top of her game" according to Bo-Nita director, Gretchen Corbett. While Kate is busy breathing life into Bo-Nita during tech week, we're going to take a look at our favorite Kate moments here at PCS.


First things first.
Two Words: Tanya. Shepke.



Can we have a moment for that hair?


Kate joined the JAW Festival in 2009, where she read for the motor-mouthed recidivist and alcohol enthusiast Tanya Shepke in The North Plan by Jason Wells. In 2012, she reprised the crowd-favorite role in a fully staged production on the Main Stage directed by Rose Riordan. 



On her website, Kate calls that role "one of her favorite roles - EVER." Critics, audiences and the PCS staff fell in love.

Kate Eastwood Norris (pretty much unrecognizable from the prim professional woman she played here in 2009’s terrific “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found”) portrays her in such brilliant redneck hues that she’s the clear people’s choice.

Tanya’s profanity flows like a mountain spring, so quoting her here is pretty much impossible. But Norris gives her enough dimensions that, however outrageous, she’s no mere cartoon.

—Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

 “The unleashing of the character Tanya Shepke will go down in PCS history,” Riordan said in her Director’s Notes. “We’ve never had anything like her on stage and probably never will again.”




Tanya Shepke also keeps PCS staff in line. 




Meet Sophie, Kate's first role here at PCS.



In the spring of 2009, Kate played Sophie, a pathologist, who messes with Charlie’s (Cody Nickell) head in How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found, in the Ellyn Bye Studio.


Kate can currently be found playing an indomitable 13-year-old and six other incredible characters in the one-woman show Bo-Nita, opening February 1 in the Ellyn Bye Studio. Tickets for sale HERE.
And if you can't get enough of Kate (don't worry, neither can we), check out her official website!
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