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The Best (and Worst!) Holiday Misdeeds

Posted by Claudie Fisher | 17 November 2014

The 2013 cast of Twist Your Dickes: L-R: Craig Cackowski, Chantal DeGroat, Lauren Modica, John San Nicolas (Santa) and Sam Dinkowitz (Batman). Photo by Patrick Weishampel.

The Second City’s A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens brings together SNL-style sketch comedy and hilarious improv to put a twist on your holiday entertainment.

Much of the improv in Twist Your Dickens is fueled by audience misdeeds that are collected before each performance. Audience members are encouraged to anonymously write down their misdeeds and submit them to the Misdeeds Booth in the lobby. The submissions are then randomly selected for use in the show.

PCS staff members collected hundreds of these confessions last year. The misdeeds ranged from silly and harmless, to downright scandalous and sometimes illegal. Many of the misdeeds had a holiday theme. From hosting parties, to meeting Santa and breaking out the decorations, there’s something about the holidays that brings about naughty behavior.

Here’s your guide to the best (and worst!) holiday misdeeds from last year’s production.


Holiday Party Misdeeds:

"Once I spiked my sister's eggnog and she got so drunk she punched the dog and ate an ornament."

"I ate my wife's pumpkin pie she left on the coffee table & blamed it on the dog."

"I badly cut myself cooking sweet potato pie ... I couldn't find the top of my thumb, but I served the pie anyway."


Getting on Santa’s Naughty List:

"I punched Santa at the mall after he caught me trying to steal a present from the display when I was 10."

"I left boots in the fireplace of the house I was babysitting and told the 5-year-old that Santa was burned alive - no presents that year!"

"I did not bring a bag to New Seasons."


Misdeeds Inspired by Holiday Decorations:

"I had a passionate moment with my wife in front of a church with the manger and baby Jesus."

"I smuggled a pot plant into the house and told my kid it was a x-mas tree.”


Do you have a misdeed to confess?

We welcome your best (and your worst) holiday confessions at the Misdeeds Booth before each performance of Twist Your Dickens. Our incredible cast is eager to turn your misdeeds for comic fodder!


Twist Your Dickens  runs through Dec. 24


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