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The futura of Typography?

Posted by Kinsley Suer | 14 March 2011

Some good news! Typography is alive and well, thriving as it evolves. According to Steven Heller of The New York Times, it’s become a bona fide art form, with some artists and graphic designers turning typefaces into paintings and sculptures – similar to the ones that can currently be viewed in our futura-inspired arts showcase, “A Celebration of Words and Letters.”
One such type designer, Andrew Byrom, creates typefaces out of such seemingly mundane, everyday objects as Band-Aids, straws, steel railings, neon lights and even kites! The same can’t be said for typography in the not-so-distant future of futura, currently playing out in the Ellyn Bye Studio. In futura’s dystopian world, typography is a thing of the past, relegated to history lectures in futuristic lecture halls. Save print! Save typography! And check out Heller’s recent New York Times article here
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