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“The Lion” Garners Rave Reviews

Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 09 April 2015

"Poignant and unexpected! Benjamin Scheuer's songs are powerful, charismatic, and easy to become lost in."
- NBC New York

"The Lion is quite the charming beast." - Entertainment Weekly

"It’s hard to take your eyes off Scheuer, with his unassuming intensity and messy wave of a quiff, as he makes his guitars whisper, laugh or roar alongside the ebbing roll of his singing. The effect is spellbinding." 
- TimeOut London 

"Scheuer beams charisma and pours joy." - New York Daily News

"Mr. Scheuer seems to have found a measure of redemption by exposing his own, with a directness and good humor that only the hardest-hearted could resist."
- The New York Times

"Benjamin Scheuer ... has a pretty mane of blond hair and a wide, friendly smile that's cuter than a dozen kitty videos." - The New York Times

The Lion is certainly the most incredible one-man show I have ever seen and Scheuer deserves to have awards coming out of his ears.” - West End Frame
"Sweet and satisfying, with songs you'll find yourself humming for days." - Theatermania
"For Audiences, Loving Ben Scheuer Will Be Easy ... he's the kind of debonair that reminds you of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a lit match, and whisky on the rocks.”
- The Huffington Post

The Lion opens at PCS on May 8, with preview performances beginning May 2. 


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