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“The Typographer’s Dream” Fun Facts

Posted by Allyson Walters | 01 November 2014

Did you know that the three actors actually shadowed real life people for their roles?

Well, they did! Nothing will stop us from presenting you with the best
production of  The Typographer's Dream


Here are some fun facts about the work that went into creating this production, 
brought to you by our awesome Production Manager Christopher Brislin:

The cast of The Typographer's Dream.

During rehearsal, all three actors shadowed geographers, stenographers and typographers to authenticate their roles. Meet the real geographers, stenographers and typographers during a Q&A on Nov. 14.


Playwright Adam Bock.
Playwright Adam Bock traveled to Portland to rehearse with the actors for a week. Bock actually worked as a temp at MetaDesign; his experience there served as an inspiration for The Typographer's Dream and other plays. 


Director Rose Riordan
The director, Rose Riordan wanted the set to look like a town hall meeting location chosen at the last minute, and decided on a theater stage in between shows. 


The carpenters built a real stage and then proceeded to beat it up, spill paint, and create fake spike marks and numbers to make it look like a theater stage. They originally tried to use an actual stage floor from a previous PCS production to create the look of an old stage, but in the end it was easier to build a new stage floor and make it look old.


60% of the lights hung above the stage are never turned on. They were there to make it look like a theater where the town hall meeting is happening. 


The stenograph machine used in the show was purchased on eBay. The original owner used it for 15 years of court reporting until the screen broke. It was bought in 1990 for $5,000 and sold to PCS for $200. 


Check out the trailer for The Typographer's Dream below!

The Typographer's Dream: The Trailer from Portland Center Stage on Vimeo.

The Typographer's Dream  runs now through Nov. 16

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