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In Photos: “Three Days of Rain” Meet & Greet

Posted by Alice Hodge | 07 May 2015

The first rehearsal is a long-standing tradition at PCS; called the Meet & Greet, it’s a chance for the cast, creative team, staff, volunteers and donors – the entire PCS family, really – to gather together in a giant circle the Vigeland Rehearsal Hall to introduce the play and meet the team. After introductions, designers and the director discuss their vision for the production and we officially mark the beginning of an exciting new project - in this case, Three Days of Rain. 

Lisa Datz and Sasha Roiz with PCS staff. 

Costume Deisgner Alison Heryer is a faculty member at Portland State University and has designed costumes for such notable productions as Pippin, The King and I and RENT. Pictured here with a vintage fashion catalog for design inspiration, Alison has been able to use her personal collection of period catologues and fashion magazines to create clothing authentic to both times time periods of the play: the 1960s and 1990's.

Costume design renderings for Silas Weir Mitchell (Walker Janeway/Ned Janeway) and Sasha Roiz (Pip Wexler/Theo Wexler) showing both time periods. 

Renderings of Lisa Datz's characters Nan Janeway and Lina.

Designed by Scott Fyfe (also responsible for  Othello's gorgeous rotating castle of a set last spring ) the set contains over 7,900 bricks! Made from recycled cardboard, each brick is hand-painted by our incredible scenic artists in our 20,000 square foot scene shop located in NW Portland.  

Scenic Artist Kate Gilles and one of our talented carpenters Nick Foltz hold a 'before and after' of the brick paint job. On the right, Nick holds the raw unpainted industrial grade cardboard specially molded to look like brick. Kate holds the final product on the left. Notoriously hard to paint, faux bricks require a incredibly skilled hand over several layers to create an accurate look. It took seven painters over three weeks to paint all 7,900 bricks.

Director Chris Coleman describes the genesis of the production and his thoughts on Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain.

Voice and Dialect Coach Mary McDonald-Lewis shows the entire international phonetic alphabet.


Three Days of Rain
May 17 - June 21


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