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“Three Days of Rain” Production Photos

Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 25 May 2015

Three Days of Rain is currently in Preview week! Rehearsals continue during the day with preview performances in the evening. This allows the cast, crew and creative team to fine tune the show with the final crucial element: the audience! Once the show officially opens this Friday, May 22, the show will be set and no changes (within reason) should occur. Press is invited to review once a show officially opens, so expect reviews next week.

From an article via The Oregonian, Director Chris Coleman says, "I kind of fell in love, and continue to fall in love with this play the more I work on it," adding that it's "meticulously well-crafted," and offers "really juicy, layered, complex roles for each of the actors in it," with a lot of humor, and psychological complexity.

l-r: Sasha Roiz and Silas Weir Mitchell

Lisa Datz with Sasha Roiz

Photos by Patrick Weishampel/blankeye.tv

Three Days of Rain
May 17 - June 21

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