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“Three Days of Rain” Review Roundup

Posted by Lindsay Pfeifer | 28 May 2015

"This may be weird, but ultimately I found it uplifting, like looking at those old photos. Because it made me realize that even if all we experience of someone is that they are sad (or silent or crazy), it's nice to know that once -- for however brief a time -- they were laughing." - Broadway World

"Hitting the jackpot for an audience means being part of an experience where the whole that emerges is larger than its parts. Something transcendent can take place, and that is what happened on opening night of Portland Center Stage's 'Three Days of Rain.'" - The Oregonian

"Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz are much better than all right onstage. They give nuanced, playful, assured performances, easily filling the main-stage space at Portland Center Stage, and work seamlessly with stage veteran Lisa Datz, who is quite brilliant in a pair of crucial and contrasting roles." - Oregon ArtsWatch

"Coleman [director] has let the dialogue and story evolve in a simple, loving manner.  Wisely done.  The set (Scott Fyfe) is amazing, both expressionistic and realistic, in its depiction of the central room and its surrounding environment.  And the actors are perfect for these roles." - Theatre Reviews by Dennis Sparks 

"As an audience member, you are uniquely placed in the position of being able to see two sets of times, and seeing and hearing directly from each character." - Pechluck's Food Adventures

"The fist act’s best moments come when Pip and Walker engage, and the former lays bare their entire back history in an uncharacteristic burst of candor. It’s a jaw dropper that enriches all that’s come before...In the much richer second half, the three have more to play, and create something deep and special together." - PQ Monthly

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