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ThrowBack Thursday: “The Receptionist”

Posted by Alice Hodge | 28 February 2014



On the eve of A Small Fire's opening night performance, we thought we would revisit the last time Small Fire playwright Adam Bock and director Rose Riordan teamed up at PCS with The ReceptionistPerformed in the Ellyn Bye Studio in 2009,  audiences and critics alike raved about Adam's dark comedy, making it one of the most successful studio shows at the Armory!


Sharonlee McLean in her Drammy winning role of Beverly. A local favorite, Sharon has most recently been seen on the PCS stage in Fiddler on the Roof, Clybourne Park, Somewhere in Time and countless other fantastic roles. 

Bock's portrayal of office life is dead-on, and McClean is utterly believable as the competent, good-naturedly put-upon receptionist. It's only when Mr. Raymond returns to the office, though, that the real power of Bock's script is revealed. -The Mercury


The arrival of the handsome, mysterious Mr. Dart to the office shakes things up for Beverly (Sharonlee McLean) and Lorraine (Laura Faye Smith).

“Not only is this play the beneficiary of stellar acting and direction, it's also another deceptively mordant comedy. You might nickname this one ‘Torturously funny.’” —The Oregonian



Lorraine’s (Laura Faye Smith) bad day disrupts Beverly’s (Sharonlee McLean) orderly routine. 

Check out the trailer!

The Receptionist Trailer
from Portland Center Stage on Vimeo.

"Bock has a uncommon facility for capturing the way people really speak, in leaps and spurts and nonverbal noises. His realist dialogue and the ordinariness of his workplace settings lead audiences to believe they’re watching a funny but unremarkable quotidian comedy." 
- The Willamette Week



Mr. Raymond (Bob Thomas, right) gets an unwelcome visit from Mr. Dart (Chris Harder) from Central Office. Bob Thomas, also PCS' Database Administrator, was last seen in Anna Karenina and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.


A Small Fire runs through March 23. Tickets available HERE.


P.S. All photos by Owen Carey.


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