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Where Do We Live, and Why?

Posted by Sarah Mitchell | 12 April 2013

Clybourne Park is a play grounded in the rich and complex history of Chicago neighborhoods.  Portland Center Stage’s production of the play offers an opportunity to explore our own city’s deep history and ever-changing landscape.  From Kenton to Concordia, Boise to Buckman, Portland’s neighborhoods are constantly evolving.
We invite you to help us capture current perceptions of Portland’s distinct geography by posting your thoughts on our neighborhood map, located on the mezzanine level of the Armory.
When you visit PCS to see Clybourne Park, please use the Post-it notes provided to complete the following statements:
GREEN:  I live in this neighborhood because…
BLUE: This is my dream neighborhood because…
PINK: You couldn’t pay me to live in this neighborhood because…
Then place your Post-it in its corresponding neighborhood.
Special Thanks to Senior Cartographic Consultant Michael Buchino for his amazing hand-painted map of our city!
Thanks for playing.



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