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Leaving a Bequest

Ann and Adam are long-term donors to Portland Center Stage at The Armory. During the planning and preparation of their family trust five years ago, they decided to make a bequest to PCS in the form of a percentage of the total assets that ultimately would be left in their estate.

Ann: Our trust attorney was very helpful in getting us to think about ways in which we could leave something both to family members and the community, rather than an all or nothing-at-all scenario.

Adam: We selected a half dozen organizations with which we have been active over the years, including arts, educational and social service organizations, and made them part of our planned giving strategy. For a variety of reasons, PCS was at the top of our list.

Ann: We decided to notify the organizations we had selected in order to help them with their own long-term planning and tracking of their planned giving programs.

Adam: Ultimately we decided to structure the PCS bequest so that part of the gift could be used for operating costs during the year received, while the majority of the gift would be directed to a permanent endowment. This would allow the bequest to be used in a sustainable manner that would help produce long-term income for the organization.

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