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Black Is Magic: Wellness Workshops

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The Armory: Alan J. Beard Mezzanine

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An evening of Wellness Awaits! Envision a variety of workshops & sessions provided by: yoga studios, art therapists, sound healers, spiritual & money mindset coaches, dance studios, breathwork experts, somatic massage, meditation guides, energy alchemists, etc… That’s the VIBE

These wellness workshops are an initiative curated by professional healing arts Practitioner & Founder of The Crystal Ball, CC Barber, for community members who identify as BIPOC. 

“While black history month is termed a time of celebration- the reality is often physical, mental, emotional or total energetic exhaustion that leads to absence of or severely diminished capacity for the most basic of daily functioning. As a mixed-race black woman, I & many others within black communities experience heightened residual grief & pain from the collective racial trauma + overt & systemic oppression encoded in our DNA.

This event is an active invitation for our local wellness-focused businesses to unite & support the call for more intentional collaborative efforts in the acknowledgment, holding, healing, processing & transmuting of what negatively impacts our black communities during the month of February. A mission for making celebration accessible, accomplished by the magic of togetherness.” CC Barber

Click the RSVP link above to reserve your participation if you identify as BIPOC, or feel free to forward this offering if you know someone an event like this may serve well.

Are you or do you know of any local wellness businesses or practitioners less impacted by the energetic density experienced at this time of year who may be interested in providing a workshop session or two? Please email thecrystalballmagic@gmail.com for more information.

Meet CC Barber
Meet CC Barber

The heart, channel & visionary behind The Crystal Ball is CC Barber. With her bachelor’s degree of science in nursing, professional background as an event director & connection to the arts through film & television, CC is a mentor, guide, maker, designer, new age thought leader & sacred space holder for the multifaceted. 

She is recognized for her superpower of activating & then actualizing the most practical kinds of magic within the mundane. This local, Portland-born, single momma, BIPOC, woman-owned, micro biz maven knows firsthand the struggles & imbalances women currently face as emerging leaders in the event & business worlds. In addition to the realities of systemic oppression, her 14-year entrepreneurial journey has encountered reoccurring growth inhibition from unreachable overheads, combined with various other barriers to entry, despite the romanticism of Portland as a city with a suitable ecosystem for producing THRIVING creatives & start-ups.

AND… this has served as the fuel behind her fire for innovative solutioning as the foundation for achieving & inspiring not only successful outcomes but ones that simultaneously curate & build rich, elevated communities that may not otherwise be. CC attributes this to the key component of symbiosis & the limitless magic available when the process requires a path only reachable by arriving there from choosing to do so TOGETHER.

The best way to connect with CC is to attend a PCS community partnership event with The Crystal Ball series or follow her over on Instagram @ccbarber.co.

To stay in the know with upcoming Crystal Ball events or inquire about sponsorships, artist applications, or volunteer opportunities, you can email thecrystalballmagic@gmail.com or follow their Instagram @thecrystalball.co.

Portland Center Stage is committed to identifying & interrupting instances of racism & all forms of oppression, through the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, & accessibility (IDEA).

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