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Our stages may be dark (for now), but PCS Remix is in full swing, with performances and events you can enjoy today.
And there's more on the way!

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The Bells That Still Can Ring
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Let the light of warm holiday connections lift your spirits

On Demand starting December 15

Charles Dickens' *A Christmas Carol*
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World Premiere Live Capture Nov 28 · On Demand through Jan 3

November 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021

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Watch Now

Virtual offerings on demand
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Until The Flood

Now Streaming on Demand
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PCS Remix

A groundbreaking season offering artistic brilliance, civic enrichment, and eight exhilarating, heart-soaring theater productions.

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PCS Remix Shows

Heart-soaring theater is what we do best! Join us for eight plays brimming with sumptuous theatrical spectacle, brilliant humor, joyful music, and searing truths; all while cracking open the most crucial issues of our time.

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Play at Home

We've joined the national theater project Play at Home! We've commissioned four Portland playwrights to create short plays that are designed to be read — and performed! — by anyone in the community from their own homes. Read the plays and share your performances with us! 

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Our Community Guidelines

Portland Center Stage at The Armory is committed to grappling with that discomfort, on and off the stage, and we invite members of our community to participate in that growth process with us. Our goal is to co-create safety for our community by identifying and interrupting instances of racism and all forms of oppression when we witness them, through specific actions rooted in the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). 

Portland Center Stage at The Armory is committed to identifying & interrupting instances of racism & all forms of oppression, through the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, & accessibility (IDEA).

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