The Armory

Happy Hour with Y.G.B. Portland

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Sunday, September 16, 2018
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

** This event is in the past. **

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In celebration of The Color Purple, we're collaborating with Y.G.B. Portland to bring special performances by Blossom, World Stage Theatre, Darian Anthony Patrick and a DJ set by Lamar Leroy to The Armory for a special Happy Hour.

About Y.G.B. Portland

Y.G.B. Portland, founded in 2015, is a collective of Black and Brown artists with a mission to create spaces of joy and healing for our community in Portland, OR. Our collaborative is Pro-Black, Pro-Femme, Pro-Queer and centers those identities at every event. We believe that liberation will come from art, self-love and community.

About the Performers

Portland-based neo-soul and R&B singer/songwriter Blossom (A.K.A. Keisha Chiddick) will be performing some selections from her debut full-length, Tease, and some surprises when she brings a brief sample of her acclaimed live show to the Y.G.B. Happy Hour at The Armory.
01_BIO_PICS_250x250_darian.jpg#asset:13553Darian Anthony Patrick
Darian is a multi-instrumentalist musician based in Portland, OR. Focusing on percussion, with training in classical and stage voice and bass guitar, he performs a broad range of musical styles with particular focus on Black American and African diasporic traditions.
01_BIO_PICS_250x250_world_stage.jpg#asset:13554World Stage Theatre
WST is a multi-cultural, inter-generational arts organization with a focus on history, literature, music, storytelling through original works designed to catapult performers and audience members into social consciousness by integrating fantasy, fiction and a pinch of reality. Through arts, education and advocacy, they create platforms to amplify disregarded voices while building bridges of unity to disband isms.
01_BIO_PICS_250x250_lamar.jpg#asset:13555Lamar Leroy
Lamar plays the all the jams you know and the jams you forgot you knew. Mixing new, old, funky, dancy, all of it into a non-stop mix of fun and nostalgia. You’d probably be doing yourself a musical favor in catching one of his shows. And he’s a hell of a nice guy as well.
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