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Preview image for Queerness & Christianity

Queerness & Christianity

There are several key Bible scriptures that have been interpreted as anti-gay and are used as the basis for the rhetoric that homosexuality is a sin. It should be noted that all of these interpretations are also resting on translation from the original languages that the Bible was written in. This features takes a deeper look into the history between Queerness & Christianity.  

Vintage photo of a group of Black men and women seated and standing, wearing late 19th-century clothing.

The Songs That Held Us Up

The music in Choir Boy, which could be categorized as Negro spirituals and folk songs, marries enduring legacies and living history, passed through the oral tradition of Africans in America. The power of this legacy cannot be overstated.

Preview image for Reviews of *Coriolanus*

Reviews of Coriolanus

“This production explores extremely well how it is not his lack of empathy for the lower classes that makes Coriolanus such a bad politician, but his inability to hide it. Pretence is unnatural to him, and he alienates common people by stating what he thinks ...

Preview image for Reviews of *Liberace & Liza*

Reviews of Liberace & Liza

“Highly entertaining … good music, good comedy, good fun, good time.” –Oregon ArtsWatch

“Whether they’re doing Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’ or an old Judy Garland tune, it is breathtaking in the funniest, most wonderful way,” Hudson says. “Simultaneously retro and groundbreaking.” Carla Rossi in a PDX Montly ...

Preview image for Reviews of *Dracula, A Feminist Revenge Play*

Reviews of Dracula, A Feminist Revenge Play

"Both terrifying and riotous, Kate Hamill’s imaginative, gender-bending “feminist revenge fantasy” is like no Dracula you’ve ever seen—exploring the nature of predators and reinventing the story as a smart, disquieting, darkly comic drama." –Actors’ Theater of Columbus

"Delivers the feminist revenge fantasy it promises with a ...

Preview image for Reviews of *HAIR*

Reviews of HAIR

"This concert-like musical had the audience whooping and clapping ... Overall, HAIR is a huge amount of fun." —BroadwayWorld

“A delight for the senses.” —ShoutOut

“…this boundary-breaking show manages to tackle incredibly heavy content with a sweetness and joy that should feel incongruous but doesn’t.” —PDX ...

Preview image for Reviews of "Quixote Nuevo*

Reviews of "Quixote Nuevo*

“Parallels the comedic romps of the original knight of La Mancha in the somber shadows of the U.S. immigration crisis and the indignities of aging to mixed success.” –MD Theatre Guide

“A brilliant reinterpretation of a classic. It's rare that you come across a new adaptation ...

Preview image for Reviews of *What The Constitution Means to Me*

Reviews of What The Constitution Means to Me

“Schreck’s autobiographical play cuts away at both the U.S. Constitution, examining the threads that make it up and hold it together, while carefully exposing the scar tissue the document has left on her and her family’s lives.” –The Seattle Times

“Deeply personal, Schreck transports the audience ...

Preview image for Reviews of *Clyde's*

Reviews of Clyde's

“As they fix plates for perpetually on-the-move and hungry truckers, the enterprising cooks enthusiastically trade visions of the perfect sandwich … Clyde’s sandwiches aren’t just convenient meals served at lunch and dinner; they tell stories, hold truths and nourish dreams.” –The Hollywood Reporter

Clyde’s is a ...

Playwright Madeline Sayet

A Note From the Playwright: Madeline Sayet

The writer of Where We Belong on embracing the story as one person's journey along the "Trail of Life," and how coming along with her on that journey might help us see the world differently.

Preview image for A Conversation with Playwright Lauren Yee & Director Desdemona Chiang

A Conversation with Playwright Lauren Yee & Director Desdemona Chiang

PCS Literary Manager Kamilah Bush sat down with long-time collaborators playwright Lauren Yee and director Desdemona Chiang for a conversation about their relationship, developing new work, and bringing the world premiere of Young Americans to life.

Preview image for Reviews of *Young Americans*

Reviews of Young Americans

"We saw this author’s King of the Yees and loved it. Came into this show with good expectations and really enjoyed it. The watching experience was full of what brings you to live theatre. The man who plays the husband/father inhabited the writing with a life and ...

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