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Reviews of Coriolanus

Local Reviews

"You’ll likely forget that you are watching a translation because this production works so deftly to help you enter and engage in the work that is so clearly Shakespeare. You couldn’t ask for a better or more unmissable invitation to engage this classic and current work of theater." —Oregon ArtsWatch

"...an extraordinary production, one that will appeal to Shakespeare nerds and newbies alike." —BroadwayWorld

 "[Jessika D. Williams's] performance alone is reason enough to see this production. And there are many more reasons." —ShoutOut

"In this election year, such social commentary is only the cherry on top of the Coriolanus cake, a highlight as PCS approaches the end of its season." —Willamette Week

Audience Raves

Excellent choreography, costumes, and sound!

Thoroughly enjoyed the all-female cast.

Powerful acting, directing, and staging. A special nod of appreciation to the use of sound and lighting.

Beautiful handling of the language and verse, gorgeous staging; the cast is terrific across the show.

I really enjoyed the production and the experience of coming to the theatre. The Armory is such a fun environment. The show was really good, but there is so much more to it. Catching the pre-show artist talks primes a great intermission discussion and a deeper debate on the way home afterward.

Aesthetically, this is probably one of the most stylish productions I've seen at PCS.

Creative interpretation and presentation.

Really enjoyed it. The use of stillness and pulsing movement was powerful. I enjoyed the interpretation as well, making it current and relevant.

Engaging, interesting interpretation of war, military honor, and politics, especially with all women cast; timely with issues of manipulation of the population for political purposes.

The acting was so amazing. The best I’ve seen in a while.

Critic Reviews

“This production explores extremely well how it is not his lack of empathy for the lower classes that makes Coriolanus such a bad politician, but his inability to hide it. Pretence is unnatural to him, and he alienates common people by stating what he thinks: he despises them.” –Cherwell

“Mowing down multitudes with nothing but a naked sword and a whole lot of testosterone ... Coriolanus has little time for cosmic reflection or soul-searching soliloquies.” –The New York Times

“They reveal that unusually for Shakespeare, what’s most powerful in this play is what’s left unsaid, that the posturing and arrogant rhetoric are an expression of emotional wounds only recognized when it’s too late for them to heal.” –the arts desk

Coriolanus is one of Shakespeare’s most opaque heroes. Unlike Macbeth or King Lear, the main character doesn’t have any major monologues, and one must retain an inward attitude to better understand the character.” –SEEstage

“Whether it be words of wisdom or a thrown-away thought, the adaptation is powered by sharp wit and quick thinking.” –BroadwayWorld

Coriolanus is a truly great work of theatrical art, one that T.S. Eliot thought better than Hamlet, and the plot, which pits the title character, an unabashedly proud patrician, against the common folk, easily lends itself to updating ... A hero is needed to save the day, and Coriolanus moves decisively to fill the role. What he is unwilling to do is accept the adulation of the multitudes after he succeeds.” –Wall Street Journal

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