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Reviews of Dracula, A Feminist Revenge Play

Critic Reviews

"Both terrifying and riotous, Kate Hamill’s imaginative, gender-bending “feminist revenge fantasy” is like no Dracula you’ve ever seen—exploring the nature of predators and reinventing the story as a smart, disquieting, darkly comic drama." –Actors’ Theater of Columbus

"Delivers the feminist revenge fantasy it promises with a witty, relentless, and bloody satisfying attack on the patriarchy. Loosely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, playwright Kate Hamill turns the tables on the classic tale’s unquestioned male dominance and female victimhood with an uncompromising commitment to exposing the absurdity of gender stereotyping." –MD Theater Guide

"It outwardly ridicules the so-called “alpha male” ideology and traditional, misogynistic gender roles. It’s a chauvinist’s fever dream and the liberation movement’s wet one." –New England Theatre Geek

"Both terrifying and riotous, Kate Hamill's imaginative, gender-bending "feminist revenge fantasy" is like no Dracula you've ever seen-exploring the nature of predators and reinventing the story as a smart, disquieting, darkly comic drama." –BroadwayWorld

"Biting in every sense of the word, a powerful tale of the overpowering." –New York Theater Guide

“This is the kind of horror I could watch all day.” –Vulture

“Playwright Kate Hamill has rewritten the show as ‘a full-throated battle cry against toxic masculinity. No damsels in distress, no romanticized villains — just a gleeful stake through the heart of the patriarchy.’” –LEO Weekly

“Her adaptations shift the emphasis,” says Aguillon, “allowing the women’s voices to be heard.” –Boston Globe

Portland Center Stage is committed to identifying & interrupting instances of racism & all forms of oppression, through the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, & accessibility (IDEA).

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