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Reviews of *Freestyle Love Supreme*

What Critics Are Saying

"The national tour of “Freestyle Love Supreme,” isn’t a play in the traditional sense. It’s more of a method, a process, a practice of playfulness and collaboration and community." –The Portland Observer

"Freestyle Love Supreme is a joyous celebration of music and life and the act of creating something together." –BroadwayWorld

"The magic happens when these talented folks take that word, headline, or story and transform it into a into a rap song. The possibilities prove endless." –Judy Nedry

"The rappers' mental gymnastics were amazing, not just in rhyming on cue, but in spinning stories and contemporary references." –Portland Tribune

"How often do you get to see one of the original creators of a Tony Award-winning production, perform in their own show, right here in your hometown?" –PDXParent

"Freestyle Love Supreme features talented performers providing non-stop action throughout this fast-paced evening, spinning suggestions from the audience into humorous bits, instantaneous songs and riffs, and fully realized musical numbers." –BroadwayWorld

"If you’ve ever marveled at the cleverness of an improvisational comedy troupe, you’ll be even more amazed that Freestyle Love Supreme manages to infuse their bits with music, rapping, sound effects and percussion." –The Hollywood Reporter

"It’s always entertaining in watching the struggle, sweat and strain of the refrain. With the pulsating beat always driving them on, there’s no place to hide. But when everything falls into place, it’s sublime." –Variety

"What distinguishes Freestyle Love Supreme from other Broadway songfests is that its numbers spring into existence before your very eyes, or ears. And you, dear audience members, are the co-authors of these numbers — feeding the onstage crew the words, ideas, and emotions that they then transform into improbably rhymed performance pieces." –The New York Times

What Audiences Are Saying

"Go see it!! 🔥🔥🔥 we are seriously considering buying tickets to see it a second time before it’s gone."

"Amazing show highly recommend!"

"I bought tickets for a second show!!! YAY!"

"Loved loved loved it!!!"

"Loved it! Ingenious improv and great music! Y’all are so talented!"

"This is a must! So fun!"

"Such a great show! Loved it!"

"It was FABULOUS! Creative, witty & just a lot of FUN. Wow! Their talent was over the top and really kept the audience engaged!"

Seattle Rep Audience Raves

“Talk about soup for the soul! We laughed so hard, danced in our seats, and had our minds blown by the incredibly talented cast. I’m still smiling this morning.”

"If the last two years have gotten you down, go to this show. It is SO MUCH FUN!!! Can’t wait to go again!"

“You may have heard that it was Lin Manuel-Miranda's freestyle hip hop group from college … but it’s SOOOOO much more than that. It’s 90 minutes of sheer joy watching 6 people be creative, take risks, be vulnerable, be brave, and have fun!”

“I've been waiting to see this show since its first run on Broadway, and my Freestyle Love Supreme dreams finally came true tonight.” 💖🥰 

“It's been a LONG two years without live theater, and this is the perfect, feel-good, funny, high-energy, show to bring us back together. Improv is fun, but the performers in this show take it to a whole new level.”

"In case you’ve forgotten what fun is, this is it! Such a great show!"

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