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Reviews of *Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson – Apt 2B

Local Reviews

"Thought-provoking and progressive, wildly entertaining, whip-smart, and it leaves you with more things to discuss than you can fit into the ride home." –PDXParent

"The play works a formula that playwright Kate Hamill knows well, having made a name for herself devising witty, fresh takes on beloved British and American classics such as Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and William Makepeace Thackeray ... Her work reflects an interest in creating varied theatrical roles for femme characters beyond what the “classics” have afforded us, and injecting a modern sensibility that helps us notice points of view that haven’t been given space to breathe." –Oregon ArtsWatch

"[Kate] Hamill joyfully desecrates the stuffy Sherlock Holmes tradition and turns Sir Conan Doyle’s mysteries into an uproarious gal pal romp. Marissa Wolf directs the play, adeptly squeezing comic nuance out of every opportunity the play affords. For anyone in need of a bleak midwinter guffaw, this is a must-see show!" –Judy Nedry

"Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson - Apt. 2B simultaneously plays homage to and flips on its head the detective story tropes to show what happens when women are in charge." –BroadwayWorld

"If you're in the mood for a healthy dose of comedy with your Arthur Conan Doyle, this is for you." –The Crippled Critic

Audience Raves

"I loved the energy, the twists, the juxtaposition of personalities... So fun!"

"Mystery and intrigue as well as humor were well played! … hilarious, satisfying, memorable ..."

"Cleverly written production that breathes new life into a well-established genre. Quite delightful."

"Absolutely loved it! The staging, the acting, the writing! The cast, some of whom we’ve seen before, were fantastic, and of course, we’ll see anything that Darius Pierce is in. He is a local treasure!"

"As a fan of Sherlock, it was fun to see an energetic, modern adaptation."

"I loved the irreverent humor, Watson’s deadpan snark, and Holmes’ manic gender-flipped iconoclast genius."

"Fast-paced, entertaining, well written ... I think you have a hit!"

"We loved this show. It was fun, charming, engaging."

In the News

"[Kate] Hamill pays homage to Doyle's mysteries ... and she does so with incredible care and wit. At the center of the play is a celebration of Holmes and Watson's friendship—one that teaches us that empathy is not a weakness. [Ms. Holmes & Ms. WatsonApt. 2B is sharp, playful, and moves at a rapid-fire pace with hilarious stage-combat fight scenes and slapstick physical comedy." View the Feature

"All stories, even well-established ones like Sherlock Holmes, should have a place for creative and imaginative people, regardless of their gender identity, race, or ethnicity. It's been very gratifying to participate in such a unique and fun opportunity" –Ashley Song in an interview with Portland Tribune. View the Feature

"[Kate Hamill] has a deft, playful sense of humor that's balanced by a passion for her source material, evening out in a sort of unfussy reverence that plays well to her stories' longtime fans and newbies alike." View the Feature

"This show consistently subverts expectations and pokes fun at those who see it as untrue to theater and what it is supposedly meant to be. Shows such as Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson are critical to the survival of the theater world and the vital sense of community that comes from interacting with human emotion in this way." View the Feature

"Both farcical and feminist, a female buddy comedy that also features some of the most iconic characters from the series." –Oregon ArtsWatch

National Reviews

“By lights down, the heart has beat wildly with hope of romance, the gut has jiggled from guffaw and giggles, and the mind has flexed with solving puzzles and decoding riddles.” –Black Bee Buzz

“Hamill has cranked out winner after winner … She has proven herself a master of this craft." –TheaterPizazz

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