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Stumptown Improv Festival Show

Posted 24 May 2017

Featuring the best and brightest of the improv scene in Portland, the Stumptown Improv Festival returns this summer, August 3-5! Get a sneak peak in this special performance, featuring Broke Gravy and TUNNEL.

Sunday, June 4

7:30 p.m.


Purchase online here!

Broke Gravy

When you see a Broke Gravy performance, expect to see over 100 combined years of dynamic energy. Each player originated from a distinct part of the US (Florida, Minnesota, Michigan), with their individual journey’s around the world eventually landing them upon the streets of Portland, OR. They pride themselves on small details and big ideas—be they from their own upbringings or the unique experiences their audiences bring to each show.


TUNNEL is a Portland, OR based improv nuisance - w/ Adam Trabka, Kara Moore, Dylan Reiff, Chad Parsons, Jeff Kelsay, and the ghost of Garrett Palm. Having trained all over the country (UCB, iO Chicago, Annoyance,Curious Comedy and Brody Theatre) TUNNEL met serendipitously performing in the dream-boat city of Portland, OR. TUNNEL's exciting and complimentary players create a signature style of fun , malleable and caring long-form.

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